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@a1iusman Yay! Can't wait to read your post soon :) Hope things have been going really well with you!
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@whizzzoe Going fantastic :) Thank you - A long way to go ................................................ yeah really long hahahhahaha but we will get there
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@whizzzoe any advise on article writing - 'how to' :)
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@a1iusman Haven't been writing article but yeah, I came across some Medium posts that goes with these theme: "How I did X" "How I ship in 24 hours" "How I build X" "How I use X to do Y". For , I think you can write around these topics to showcase your product case study / roadmap. Content marketing is a powerful thing to spread the words for your product :)
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@a1iusman @whizzzoe and it's sad. At least i know HackerNoon improve review for article titles. because similar titles make me sick - "8 steps to success", etc
@binumathew1 Final draft is ready, Needs a quick look and then it will be on medium :)
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@a1iusman Cool !! waiting for it :)