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Derek Embry@_dembers · Still figuring out how everything works.

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@d_embs Still figuring out how everything works 😄
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@d_embs @sasha_nadelyaeva Please share a link when you are done, I'd love to check it out! What technologies are you using?
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@d_embs @jamesstewart not sure what you mean, I quoted your status:) But I have an account on dribbble with simple works
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@d_embs @sasha_nadelyaeva Sorry, I assumed you were programming it 😃 Your Dribbble profile is impressive by the way!
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@d_embs @jamesstewart thank you, wish you to succeed 😃
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@d_embs nice! What are you going to build it on top of?
Thanks @mijustin! Haven't decided yet. Ideally looking for tools that will save me time and emphasize simplicity and elegance. The site doesn't need to do much!
@d_embs Last year I wrote a guide on how to publish static websites with gh-pages under your domain with modern build tools, versioning w/e GitHub provides - free. Maybe you'll find this helpful 👍
@d_embs just use Templates are good and you can change them any way
Thanks for the suggestion, @vladkorobov! I will definitely check this out. I looks very interesting.