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Ask Indie Hackers community to reveal the makers working on Social Good projects

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@_danielmeade I'd be curious to know more about that, too. I'm a social entrepreneur and always wondering who else is doing social impact stuff 💫
@abadesi Oh awesome! I'll be sure to check back here and keep you posted. What are you working on? I'm also a Social focused maker.
@_danielmeade I'm working on making tech more inclusive by levelling the playing field for underrepresented people through training and mentorship, and educating young professionals about the non-technical roles within the sector, hbu?
@abadesi That sounds cool, is this a side-project outside of your work with Product Hunt? Does Product Hunt have a program similar in nature to Google's infamous 20% time? I'm working on https://givewithella.com - a platform making charity more transparent. In the UK particularly, public perception of charities is largely negative, this is due in the most part to a lack of understanding as to where donation money goes. The general assumption is that it mostly gets swallowed up in "admin" costs. In its pre-launch state, Ella aims to help change this perception by making a charities income and expenditure available to the public.
@_danielmeade I think you're really onto something here, I live in London and my friends and I are always talking about the homeless people we see in our area wondering what the best way to help them is. Resources like yours could help. At PH we're a lean team with huge ambitions so we don't have a formal program like Google's 20% time yet we are all entrepreneurial by nature and work on passion projects and side hustles with incredible support from @rrhoover and the team #bestjobever 😻
@abadesi Thanks so much! The plan is to create a platform where people can see who are the most effective performers at tackling their cause, to encourage conversations and let users decide exactly where they feel their money is best spent. #bestjobever huh? Couldn't put in a good word for me with @rrhoover could you?! ;P
UPDATE: Posted to the Indie Hackers forum here: https://goo.gl/VkE6pY