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Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Incredibly grateful to all the women in the Women Make community created by @marie_dm_ which gave me the confidence to start building my own products this year. Thanks @producthunt for giving us a platform to connect. Many thanks to @abadesi for fostering an inclusive community. And I'm thankful beyond words to @paul_brr who has supported me through the highs and the lows and never shuts down any of my crazy ideas. πŸ‘
Marie Denis
Paul BarrΓ©
Product Hunt
Brian Wang
Shoutout to @calm for helping me establish a morning ritual of 10-minutes of meditation before going to work. It's now a solid habit that helps me start the day right by grounding myself and increasing my awareness before I face the day.
πŸ‘ 8By Brian Wang
Angelo Embuldeniya
Thanks to @Tbeltramelli for making our UI/UX lives a lot easier with @UizardIO!
Victor Corniel
Gracias a todos, son increibles, sus aportes me permiten romper siempre
Zachary Will Sy
Back track to last month, all I've done on Product Hunt is upvote & bookmark cool products. How about now? I'm about to officially launch my first built product, Makers Up. I reach out to fellow indie makers & join in conversations. I've been featured in Maker Mag. Who'd have known? Huge thanks to people such as @davecraige, @anthilemoon, @ftxrc, @arminulrich, @thepatwalls, @booligoosh and much more who've been with me since the very beginning. It was their immense interest, support, and help that pushed me & gave me the confidence to keep on doing what I was doing! Of course, none of these would've happened if not for the Makers Up team. Though we haven't met in real life / in person (yet!), thanks so much to @kerrtrvs, @partyguy01, @adithvictor, and @m1guelpf for building Makers Up with me! P.S. This goes by without saying, but thanks so much to @producthunt (@rrhoover, @abadesi, @amrlth, @aaronoleary++) once again. Without it, I don't think I would've developed such an interest & passion in shipping / indie making. πŸ™Œ Cheers to 2018, and definitely looking forward to what 2019 has in store for me & for all of us!
Aaron  O'Leary
Adith Victor
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Armin Ulrich
Dave Craige
Sergio Mattei
Miguel Piedrafita
Product Hunt
Ryan Hoover
Pat Walls
Johannon Olson
https://productsthatcount.com/ -One of the largest networks of product managers in the world. Have met so many excellent and helpful people there!
Whit Anderson
I have had some great influences on my life in 2018. In the maker space, @thisiskp_ has had the greatest impact. My perspective has changed from being someone who chased 'big' ideas but never saw a clear time to ship the product to someone who values shipping as fast as possible. He along with @levelsio taught me the value in shipping as fast as possible. Going into 2019, I will be actually shipping rather than talking about ideas. Thank you @producthunt and @levelsio but most of all @thisiskp_ for introducing me to this maker community!
Pieter Levels
Product Hunt
Jonathan Tzou
As a first-time founder, I am ever grateful for all of the sage advice I received from other founders this past year. Special thanks to @rrhoover @ericbahn @staringispolite @jimmydouglas @vinlin @jasonoliver @jenlufer @thepriyadarshy @travisawakens @fraywing @davidpanzarella @thianhlu @eusden @bebe_chueh @nzxtjohnny for keeping me grounded and focused. Excited for what 2019 has in store! πŸ™πŸ»
Eric Bahn
Jennifer Lu
Jimmy Douglas
Ryan Hoover
Jonathan Howard
Ashutosh Priyadarshy
Travis Meyer
Bebe Chueh
David Panzarella
Austin Anderson
Johnny Hou
πŸ‘ 26By Jonathan Tzou
Christina with her Scottish Cent.
Marie Prokopets
So grateful to have @ProductHunt as a platform to get feedback from early users and to launch πŸš€! @hnshah and I launched FYI this year on Product Hunt and we've learned so much from the community. Plus, we were able to launch a second feature and get even more feedback! Thanks @nickabouzeid @nivo0o0 @rrhoover for all the help along the way ❀️
Hiten Shah
Nick Abouzeid
Niv Dror
Product Hunt
Ryan Hoover
Purushottam Kiri
@leobassam Plutio the last product that really streamlined everything for our business! From client onboarding, proposals, contracts, managing team and tasks!
Leo Bassam
Melanie Massinger
I am grateful for the awesome communities I was fortunate enough to find and join this year. Above all @marie_dm_ ’s Women Make, where every member inspires me in a different way, every day. @anthilemoon is motivating me with her endless drive and ideas. @c10v32c1u6 reminds me to be more mindful. @stephsmith impresses me with everything she got done this year … (the list goes on - there are so many great people in this community!) I also thank @thepatwalls for initiating & being the voice of our #24hrstartup challenge, which was an incredible experience. Thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the challenge. You all blew me away with your determination and creativity! Last but not least, I’m indescribably grateful for @arminulrich being my partner in life and in our indie adventures ❀️
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Armin Ulrich
Marie Denis
Steph Smith
Pat Walls
Johannon Olson
Thank you, www.Treehut.co -perfect gifts for the "hard-to-buy-for" person on my lists!
Hunter Owens
Thank you @jrdngonen for shipping a whole suite of incredible tools and programs! Some of which I've used every single day πŸ™
Jordan Gonen
πŸ‘ 2By Hunter Owens
Ryan Hoover
HUGE shout-out to the entire @ProductHunt team. We accomplished a lot this year, including reaching profitability (in large part thanks to @ems_hodge's leadership). 2019 is going to be epic. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Emily Snowdon (nΓ©e Hodgins)
Product Hunt
πŸ‘ 44By Ryan Hoover
Hieu Nguyen (Jack)
Shout-out for all single founders πŸ˜‰
Hiten Shah
Shout out to @dcancel, @eliast, @davegerhardt and the whole Driftt team for inspiring us B2B product people to launch early and often.
Dave Gerhardt
David Cancel
Elias Torres
πŸ‘ 3By Hiten Shah
Thanks @durov for creating Telegram. I'm extremely grateful for your efforts in giving us a secured messenger. At the same time, Telegram has lots of fantastic features that I can't get from other messaging apps such as the raise to speak function. I hope to see it grow more! Built in crypto wallet? Video calling? And more tools for channel creators such as livestreaming? Built in blogging tools? :D You go Telegram! πŸ‘
Pavel Durov
πŸ‘ 1By Yaki
Syed Ibrahim
@product @abadesi for fostering a vibrant community full of creative makers, and also for stealing my shoutouts.app idea 😝 πŸ˜‚
Product Hunt
Jeff Weisbein
πŸ‘ 1By Syed Ibrahim
Michael Folling
Shout out to @moeamaya and @anthilemoon for being awesome this year! I appreciate the help and good vibes 😺
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Moe Amaya