The better business card.

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Brian Krall Sr. UI Developer, Whittl
Really well-done, dubs itself "The business card of the future". Write-up here:
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Jeff Robbins CEO, Lullabot
Thanks! Glad everyone likes the app so much.
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Derek Shanahan Accounts & Biz Dev at Playerize
I dig this.
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Paul Jarvis 
Ya Brian, this is really cool!
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John Perkins Head of Product,
really slick.
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Andrew Zusman UX Designer
I don't have an iPhone so I haven't tried this out...I do have a question though. I used a similar program called NoBizCard for Android and the biggest problem was inputting the email address of the person I wanted to send the card to.
In other words, naturally I would just pull out my card and then that's the end of this case the flow was so dissimilar it was off-putting for others. I pull out my phone and say I'll send a card (which already seems like I"m phubbing -- phone snubbing -- even if I'm not) and then I have to open the app and ask for an email address and then send it.
The end result was the same as opening Gmail and just writing "Hi, this is Andrew."
What do you think about flow improvements here?
Have you had feedback like this?
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Akshay Patel Product
Great idea and really love the clean design. Not every opportunity to share contact info is biz related so this fills that gap.
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Ouriel Ohayon appsfire, CEO
like the idea. was using another card app so far but has not been updated for long...have so manu suggetions too
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Helen Crozier technology coach
Beautiful app. Love the way you can have different cards for different personas (happens a lot in startup world don't you think?) Have asked if we could have celsius in the temperature gauge. Sadly my banner doesn't quite work in my business one. Would be super cool to be able to choose where the profile pic goes to accommodate that. I almost think you have to ask for the card so you can discretely send digital version after the meeting and I realise that kind of defeats the purpose.
But still this is a good start. Android users will want this.

I was using clinck but this is far prettier. Only advantage is that it was available for ios and android.
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