The best toy ever for kids!

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                  Ryan Hoover

                  The video is very well done. Some parents are concerned with the perceived anti-social behavior most mobile/tablet apps encourage. Osmo's interaction is off the screen to allow kids to play together.

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                  Jonathon Triest

                  Ludlow Ventures

                  Daniel Hanks

                  CEO of SnapDash

                  Love this - reminds me as Smart Technologies' whiteboards meets mobile.

                  The WaPo article references testing in schools, etc. How long has Osmo been in the wild, in one way or another?

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                  Ryan Hoover

                  The blocks used in the video gave me flashbacks to grade school algebra.

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                  Akshay Patel


                  Agree Ryan. The social aspect highlighted by the video helped me imagine my kids working together instead of fighting for the iPad. Pre-ordered!

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                  John Perkins

                  Head of Product, Duxter.com

                  totally agree on the video. very well done.

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                  Andrew Goldner

                  XIR @Tradecraft

                  My daughter helped with some pre-launch testing a few weeks back. These are super cool! We just pre-ordered ours.

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                  Erik Torenberg

                  Product Hunt

                  if you're into this you may also be into roamandwander.com @roamandwander.

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                  Kris Minkstein

                  Founder @ Lamplighter Labs

                  I love apps and digital everything, but this is the kind of thing that makes me love technology. Such a cool idea to have the camera reflected and watching the blocks. I'm sure this will be a huge hit at the toy fair next year

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                  Dave Morin

                  Co-Founder & CEO, Path
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