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Omnibang it!

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        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        OMG, so tempted not to hide this.
        Alexia TsotsisΒ β€” co-editor
        @rrhoover He is a product, of our society. He counts.
        MahbodΒ β€” co-founder, Genius
        @alexia @rrhoover "I don't do the drugs, baby I move the drugs..." - killa cam'ron
        Neeraj ThakurΒ β€” Marketer | www.neerajt.com
        Writer Hunt!
        Alex Β β€” Writer, TechCrunch
        brill, really
        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        So, @joshconstine. What's the inspiration behind the hairdo?
        drew olanoffΒ 
        @rrhoover as Josh's communication lead, I'll have to say...no comment.
        Josh ConstineΒ β€” Writer, TechCrunch
        @rrhoover The Omnibang emerged from an all night-hackathon when Josh fell asleep with his hair wet. Rather than only keeping it as an internal tool for pre-shower morning workflows, we reengineered it for scalability and started licensing it for day and nighttime use on Josh's face.
        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        @joshconstine fascinating story. But the real question is how do you acquire new Omnibang users? What's your growth hacking strategy?
        Josh ConstineΒ β€” Writer, TechCrunch
        @rrhoover Omnibang grows consistently by 20% per month, though consistent press coverage has spawned several copycats such as the lead singer of Vampire Weekend.
        Jay ZalowitzΒ β€” co founder at Generatorlab (Needlehunt)
        @rrhoover @joshconstine Vampire Weekend is the Lyft of omnibangeranging
        Noah BuscherΒ β€” Developer and espresso machine.
        So like do I upvote this, or pretend it never happened?
        drew olanoffΒ 
        Is it in the cloud? What's the business model? I would like to invest forthwithly.
        Kirill ZubovskyΒ β€” Troublemaker. Founder. Dad
        I hope this gets to the #1 spot.
        Erik TorenbergΒ β€” Product Hunt
        I freestyle rapped with Josh a few months ago at a potlucks of @melemmer. He can spit. Just keeping it one #hunted.
        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        @eriktorenberg perfect, you should spit on Hook'd, @joshconstine.
        Josh ConstineΒ β€” Writer, TechCrunch
        Omnibang has raised money from Kleinhair Perkins, Y Comb-inator, Unions Hair Ventures, ScrunchFund, and Grey-Lock.
        Kia K.Β β€” words...
        @joshconstine money. this comment is money.
        Owen Williams Β β€” Editor, The Next Web
        When can I submit myself?
        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        @ow that's a paid feature, COMING SOON.
        Noah BuscherΒ β€” Developer and espresso machine.
        @rrhoover Wait... I can't tell if you're joking or not. Really.
        Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
        @nhbschr actually I have some related ideas here but I'm sorta kidding.... sorta.
        Noah BuscherΒ β€” Developer and espresso machine.
        @rrhoover Can't wait to see what you come up with! πŸ‘Š
        Sol WeinreichΒ β€” Founder MINR
        I found a barber in Brooklyn that will do the omnibang. http://imgur.com/1MQSyW8
        Shannon OngΒ β€” Founder, CEO of The Catch
        if you haven't created a facebook page for your hair yet @joshconstine you need get on that asap! haha
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