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    Greg Meyer

    Customer Whisperer

    This looks interesting - takes contact discovery beyond gmail. A bit like Nimble, a bit like Rapportive. Worth a try.

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    Kris Minkstein

    Founder @ Lamplighter Labs

    I love rapportive. Just installed this baby

    The ability to "buy" someone's contact info is turning me off a bit. I know theres plenty of websites that offer the same thing and I've never thought to pony up $ for an email or phone # vs just trying to find it elsewhere or thru a connection. Wonder where the info comes from and if its just getting scraped?

    Also checkout Twitter once you add it, there are about a thousand 6º showing up lol

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    Greg Meyer

    Customer Whisperer

    @KristoferTM agree that turning on the discoverability everywhere is an overload. You can remove sites from the list to avoid that problem and use a right-click method instead.

    Re: the business model, I would rather subscribe for a nominal amount than trade contacts.

    Those things being said, think it's an interesting service and similar to what we were trying to build at Gist in 2009-2011

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    This looks very useful. Here are a few similar products recently submitted: Riffle and Vibe.

    StackLead is also very useful for businesses, surfacing user information via email signups. They also offer an API.

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    Dean Nicolls

    Marketing Chief at Connect6. @dnicolls

    Thanks for the feedback!

    A few points of clarification. The service is completely free -- including getting contacts. We start everyone off with 50 credits so there's no charge. If you want more, just ask us (nicely;).

    Even when we roll out of beta, there will always be some version of free.

    You can also turn off those pesky beacons for any site. In the upper left part of the browser extension, you can click on the six degree icon with a green circle around it. When you click on the icon, it turns off the beacons on that particular website. When the beacons are deactivated, there is a red circle around the six degree icon. To reactivate the beacons, just click on the icon and the beacons will reappear.

    We place those beacons next to any personal identifier so you can hover over them to get quick profile, contact info, and see your connection path. We would love your ideas how to make this more elegant.

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    Ryan Hudson

    co-founder, Honey

    @Connect6Lead I like what you've done here a lot. Happy to see more people innovating with the hidden gem of dev platforms: browser extensions. Every time I hear mobile devs talk about 'building habit' I just smile - context-specific habit is automatically baked in to every well thought out browser extension.

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    Zack Shapiro

    Creator of StopCoin, Built in Public

    Nikita Korotaev

    Incubating products @ Glocal Partners

    Really like what you've done| This is so far the most useful people-explorer extensions on ProductHunt for me. The data is pretty good, except for @rrhoover FB accounts :)

    Agree that there is an overload of beacons on websites. Just choose one consistent spot to display those. Don't aim for every possible mention or at least hide those beacons, and keep the search on hover.

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    Ryan Hudson

    co-founder, Honey

    @nikitakorotaev agree on the beacons - they don't really add anything the hover doesn't - which i'd probably generally only want on sites like twitter. Adding beacons to code I'm looking at on github - not so useful :) cc: @Connect6Lead

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    Dean Nicolls

    Marketing Chief at Connect6. @dnicolls

    Thanks all. As a result of this thread we're rethinking how we display the beacons. They can easily be turned off right now (click on the 6 degree symbol inside the picture with the green circle around it) and it will deactivate the beacons for that particular site. But, admittedly this is not obvious. Thanks!

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    Andy Keil

    Product at Visage.co

    Loving this so far. Feeling a bit weird about buying people's contact info with credits but maybe just need a clearer understanding of how that works since I didn't see it mentioned anywhere while onboarding. There's a good chance I simply overlooked it if it was there.

    Turning off the beacons on twitter led to zero results when using the right-click and 'send to connect 6'. Is that what turning off the beacons means? It's not purely aesthetic?

    When turning them back on, this process could be a little clearer and rather than have me 'delete' and then 'save' (slightly confusing and I had to read to figure out what I was supposed to do) you could show a list of all the sites that are supported and then provide toggles. If the list is too extensive, then just show the ones that's I've turned off and give them a simple toggle to turn back on as opposed to "delete' and 'save'.

    Overall, kudos. Loving the info but I'd love more credits :)

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    Mark Abramson

    I print on things

    I learned about this on Twitter and have been experimenting with it every since. The "buy" phone + email address with credits was also a little off putting for me because it implies buying people's contact information.

    The most useful feature for me is providing links to other public profiles on other services - big timesaver for someone you often have to do manually (e.g. find the Quora for a Tweeter).

    But seriously? It did not reveal the phone or email address for @StartupLJackson or @FakeGrimlock even though it was implied you had it with "(???) ???-???? (click to reveal)."

    Kudos to @dnicolls and @Connect6Lead for rolling PH feedback into the product. Will continue to use this one and will check out the others that @rrhoover referenced.

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    Nikita Korotaev

    Incubating products @ Glocal Partners

    One other UX improvement I see. Since right sidebar is taking quite a lot of real estate, and might appear from random hover over the username, instead:

    Show semi-transparent floating thumbnail(photo/shortbio/social) in the top left corner
    Hover over a thumbnail, it becomes solid, showing that move info is available
    Click, it expands to sidebar(like now)
    Click anywhere on the screen to close the sidebar ("X" is too far away)

    I would enjoy this less intrusive experience a bit more. At least make it as an option :)

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    Dean Nicolls

    Marketing Chief at Connect6. @dnicolls

    Thanks Nikita. I have shared your ideas with our UX team, I really appreciate the feedback.

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    Andy Keil

    Product at Visage.co

    #4 is big from @nikitakorotaev's list. I've been turning beacons off a lot of places since I don't want to click the 'x' everytime I accidentally hover over a name.

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    John Haden

    Founder, TrooMobile

    Great app... I'm a huge rapportive user.... I'm just seeing some inconsistent data... for instance... I worked at Fliptop... and it's pulling information from our VP of Product on to my profile. Also... not sure I'm into see 6 appended to everyone's email addy.

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    Nikita Korotaev

    Incubating products @ Glocal Partners

    @Connect6Lead This auto-popping up sidebar is really annoying :( http://cl.ly/image/2P3u2O3C0h1A
    I don't want to disable it completely. I want much less intrusive experience.

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    Dean Nicolls

    Marketing Chief at Connect6. @dnicolls

    This is tough one and we will need to see if we can come up with a better experience. You can close the sidebar to reveal the window behind it. But, we have it set to display the sidebar whenever a person's profile is diplayed on the social network. I welcome your (& the ProductHunt community) ideas on how to make it less obtrusive.

    Upvote Mark as Maker 2014-06-18 16:18:43 -0700

    Dean Nicolls

    Marketing Chief at Connect6. @dnicolls

    John - sorry for the late response. We're working to make the data more accurate. You can help us by deleting bad profiles by clicking the little "x" that appears over the social media icon when you hover over it. You can also disable the little 6 icons (beacons) by clicking on the six-degree icon within the picture frame of the sidebar. This will deactivate the beacons from appearing on that website (e.g., Gmail). Hope this helps...

    Upvote Mark as Maker 2014-06-18 16:21:48 -0700
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