Get comped for delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flights

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            Jonathon Kresner

            Founder, AirPair

            Wow - way to spot a MEGA opportunity that no one else was looking at!

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            Reuben Metcalfe

            Growth Guy + Omnigeek

            Simple USP, Clean CTA's. Are there any public data feeds you could tap into to find regularly overbooked routes? I wonder if the airports would even let you advertise this physically on-site. Hmm. Perhaps scrape the #fuuu hash on Twitter... or run mobile-ads specifically in area-codes with airports.

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            Ryan Jones

            co-founder, Go Dish

            Great idea, sounds awesome for the EU, but they only cover overbookings for domestic US flights (airlines are not obligated to compensate you for cancellations, mechanical delays, etc. in the US).

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            Derek Skaletsky

            Founder & CEO,

            Yeah, I was wondering that @ryanajon1 - I'd like the site to show me proof that this is something the airlines are required to compensate for...

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            Kevin Kwok

            Analyst, Greylock

            Love what this and fixed are doing. So clever.

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            Ryan Hoover

            Lyle McKeany

            Co-founder at Leftover
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