Copy and paste anything between your Mac and iOS device

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      Ryan Hoover Product Hunt
      I've been using BeamApp (http://getbeamapp.com/ hunted by @BelleBethCooper here - http://www.producthunt.co/posts/508) to copy and paste URL's between my Mac and iPhone. It's slick but Scribe looks even slicker. Once it's setup, all you have to do is hit CMD + SHIFT + X on the Mac to send a push notification to your device with the URL, text, phone number, etc.

      The landing page for this product is fantastic. Scroll down to see the animated walk through and interactive demo.

      What's even more interesting from a business perspective, is that the iOS app is free but the Mac client that's required for this to work, is $2.99. I downloaded the iOS app thinking it was entirely free at first only to feel slightly cheated when instructed to download the paid Mac client. cc @liveink
      Gabriel Song Growth, RelateIQ
      My hack for this right now is using the Apple Notes which syncs between the Mac and the iPhone, this is going to be so much better! The only problem for me at the moment is my older MacBook Pro. Will keep this bookmarked for when I upgrade :)
      Derek Shanahan Accounts & Biz Dev at Playerize
      This is awesome. That landing page is stellar. I 'got it' upon landing, but really couldn't picture how I'd use it. The demo is zero-to-fully-understand in seconds. So good.
      Derek Shanahan Accounts & Biz Dev at Playerize
      My girlfriend's jaw hit the floor when I just showed her this app in real time. :)
      Kunaal Arya BD, Kiip
      This is awesome. Wish you can do reverse as well - guess it's an iOS limitation. I send stuff to my computer using iMessage almost hourly.
      Andy Keil Product at Visage.co
      Shut up and take my money! - $3 is more than worth it though I did feel like it was free until seeing the Mac app.
      Yuval Shoshan Product @TOMODO;ReadingPack, Sharedli.st
      Looks cool - Is there something similar to Android?
      Kevin Li MessageMe
      ^ i too am looking for something for android =(
      Josh Puetz Senior Software Engineer, General Asse…
      Very slick, but I wish it allowed pasting from iOS to OSX. I'm still using PasteBot for that feature alone
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