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    da biz, Wildcard

    Hey folks...@zmh and I are happy to answer any questions. Would love feedback as well.

    "Mac Self-Control App" for your iPhone.
    Help facilitate airplane mode for long periods of focus.

    A useful tool that we had both been wanting to use for a while...just an experiment that's resonated with folks due to its simplicity. V2 will feature in-app sticker purchases, mental check-ins and focus filters.....all jokes aside, we will include bit more stat tracking for the individual on per day/week basis.

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    What about filters, Ryan? ;)

    Congrats on the recent launch, @ryandawidjan and @zmh. TBH, I have a problem with distractions and Product Hunt isn't helping (but I guess that's a good thing... right?).

    Do you have any tips or workflow processes to manage everyday distractions? Would love to hear from you guys and anyone else here.

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    da biz, Wildcard

    Personally I try to do the Pomodoro Technique x 3...ie longer stretches. Turn Mobile Flow and Mac Self-Control on (no twitter, HN, PH, gmail)...streaming music and that seems to do the trick.

    For the past few weeks I've also removed the clock from my Mac, been fascinating to try and work without having any potential mental barriers or second thoughts. ie It's 11pm..."Should I be/feel tired?" If things are flowing, I don't have to consider that and I just ride the wave out.


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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    Smart. I use Pomodoro when writing sometimes.

    @ryandawidjan / @zmh - What are your plans with Mobile Flow? Any specific goals?

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    Zach Hamed

    Maker of this product

    @rrhoover @ryandawidjan Absolutely! I think it's a cool utility right now, and the next big feature we'll be releasing is the ability to see how long you've been offline, and some sort of leaderboard so you can see who has been offline the most. That social component should be a good incentive for people to try to disconnect a bit more.

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    Curious to see how this evolves.

    My buddy @jasonyogeshshah wrote this guest post on @nireyal's blog about technology addiction and techniques he used to be more productive and focus: http://www.nirandfar.com/2013/10...

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    Ryan Hoover

    Product Hunt

    I was skeptical at first but after using The Mobile Flow a few times, I've found it surprisingly helpful and rewarding. Well done, Ryan and Zach.

    Hiten also listed it as his favorite Product Hunt find: http://blog.producthunt.co/post/...

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    da biz, Wildcard

    Much appreciated Ryan, glad we convert ya!

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    Zach Hamed

    Maker of this product

    @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! How do you like the new stats?

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    George Jurgens

    London. Marketer @HopsterTV. Learner.

    This is awesome @ryandawidjan and @zmh - You guys should submit it to the Win30s.co Venturebeat and Buzzstarter competition for Best Mobile or Best Consumer. www.win30s.co

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    Will Lam

    Product Manager & Marketer

    Interesting - too bad you can't lock apps down.

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